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Hitesh Bhatt

Despre Hitesh:

He was born in a spiritual family from the northern mountains in India where he grew up chanting, meditating, doing Asana practices and learning to become better human. He was taught from the beginning that it is by ‘giving that we receive and that it is by ‘taking’ that we suffer. He took this advice by heart and life since than has been a journey towards bliss and away from desire, anger, ego, attachments, and greed.

He pursued my masters in Social Work and worked with Non-governmental Organisations. In 2015, he decided to quit his job and travel the depth of this land called India. He travelled for almost three years experimenting with his beliefs, ideologies, theories, and philosophies. He explored the limits of his physical self, mental, and energy self. In this period, he got involved in blogging and travel writing.

Later, He moved to a town called Rishikesh, also known as the ‘World Capital of Yoga’ and made it his home forever. He deepened his practices and learning in the town having had come in contact with many masters, teachers, and friends.

Though he has been practicing Yoga for a long time, to make himself professionally relevant, he completed a 200-hour TTC. He taught in the same school where he learnt. He also taught private lessons to friends and family. His teachings include Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, and Yoga Philosophy. He personally advocate Hatha Yoga to each and every beginner so that a strong foundation can be built and injuries can be avoided. Having said that, he is no less a fan of Vinyasa flows too.

A teacher is always a student first and a teacher later. He practices regularly and his practices include Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, and playing musical instruments. He is currently exploring the aspect of sound healing to be used in Yoga Therapy.

His teaching starts with making his students believe that there is nothing to achieve, there is nothing to gain, nothing is missing in life and nothing needs to be added to make life complete. We are THAT. All we need to do is to realize it. The whole journey is to realize the selfless self. To realize the divine that dwells in us. From this assertion, that we are complete, we become what we think. All we need is to tune the mind, everything else falls into place. But to reach at this level of self knowledge, we need to begin somewhere and Asanas are a great tool for that.